Executive Board


The NVCP Executive Board consists of elected officers, two Members-at-Large, the immediate Past-President as well as Board-appointed chairs of standing committees. These are two-year positions, except for the Past-President term of one year. Generally, the Vice-President also serves as Chair of the Continuing Education Committee, and each of the Members-at-Large also head different committees. Other NVCP leadership positions include chairs of NVCP task forces and our representatives on VACP and VPA committees.


Michael Schaub, Ph.D.


Courtney Ferenz, Psy.D.


Carolyn Heier Young, Psy.D.


Tiffany Duffing, Ph.D.

Continuing Education Co-Chairs

Courtney Ferenz, Psy.D. and Kate Lieberman, Ph.D.

Membership/Social Development Chair / Member-at-Large

Carla Messenger, Ph.D.

Legislative Advocacy Chair / Member-at-Large

Anna Lucca, Ph.D.

Social Media Chair

Erica Chow, Ph.D.

Newsletter Editor

Carole Sebenick, Ph.D.

Diversity Chair

Scott Krysztofiak, Psy.D.


Laurentia Ruby, Psy.D.