Why join us?

VACP is responsible for much more important work than can be conveyed on a single page. 

Our members are clinical psychologists who practice in a variety of settings here in Virginia.  VACP seeks to support the profession of clinical psychology here in Virginia in three critical ways:

  • Communication: A full time state lobbyist and a large and active Executive Council are continuously engaged in professional issues of the day and keep our members informed about fast changing clinical, economic, and political information in the provision of mental health services at regional and state-wide levels.  If you know of topical news pertaining to clinical psychology, you can rest assured that VACP is “on it.”

  • Education: VACP is proud to offer its members excellent continuing education programs at markedly low rates. Professional education events are held both locally and at the state level, several times per year, including our fall and spring conferences.  These events, as well as our statewide listserv for members, provide opportunities to network with other psychologists in a collegial environment.

  • Advocacy: For three decades VACP has helped to shape law, regulatory and insurance policies, our own professional skills, and, through our members, the mental health of our citizens. VACP has been ever-present and relentless in its efforts to improve our practice climate. VACP is responsible for much more important work than can be conveyed on a single page.  This work has included advocacy and education in relationship to (a) third party payers of mental health services, (b) regulatory licensure boards, (c) state and federal legislative bodies, (d) business enterprises, and (e) the general public.

In addition to our activism and professionalism, warm fellowship prevails here. If you are a licensed clinical psychologist or a student in clinical psychology in Virginia,

Please come in – this is your Professional Home!

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*If you were previously a member of VACP and wish to rejoin but are unable to login, please email [email protected] and we will enable your member profile.

VACP was founded in 1975 when patients’ rights to receive mental health services directly from clinical psychologists were threatened by insurance requirements that clinical psychologists be personally supervised by physicians. Several practicing clinical psychologists and VACP then collectively and successfully sued Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia and the Neuropsychiatric Center of Virginia for restraint of trade and violation of freedom of practice laws. This action insured that clinical psychologists in Virginia and throughout the country could practice independently then and now. VACP has remained a highly active and effective professional organization. Many of our leaders have also assumed and been elected to national leadership roles in organized psychology. Russ Neumann, Ph.D. declared VACP “the special forces of the APA Practice Directorate.”

Other VACP accomplishments include the following:

  • Funded and implemented a public media campaign in the 1980's to inform prospective patients of potential problems in the (then) impending managed health care paradigm (e.g., primary care incentives for gate-keeping, insurance job lock for beneficiaries, etc.).
  • Successfully challenged an insurance carrier initiative in the 1990’s to apply extrapolation formulae to their audits and to retract hundreds of thousands of dollars in previously paid fees from providers whose record keeping was deemed to be inadequate, though there had been no forewarning or prior record keeping guidelines.
  • Successful litigation against CareFirst, a Blue Cross Blue Shield subsidiary in Northern Virginia for truth in advertising distortions and for provider contract violations.
VACP Dues Structure (for 2023)
Early Career Psychologist: 1st Year of Licensure (10% of Active Dues) $22.50
Early Career Psychologist: 2nd Year of Licensure (40% of Active Dues) $90
Early Career Psychologist: 3rd Year of Licensure (70% of Active Dues) $157.50
Active Member (4th Year of Licensure and up) $225
Affiliate Member (Resident in Training or Clinical Psychologist licensure in progress; 10% of Active dues) $22.50
Non-Resident Member $110
Retired (No longer engaged in clinical practice and have been a VACP member in good standing for at least 15 consecutive years) $112.50
Student Member 22.50
NVCP Membership $50
RACP Membership (currently inactive) n/a
TACP Membership $40