Officers, Boards, & Committees

VACP is the parent organization of the Virginia Psychological Association




President: Bruce Sellars, Psy.D.
President-elect: Ed Tiller, Ph.D.
Secretary: Alexis Zornitta, Ph.D.
Treasurer: Robert McNamara, Ph.D.
Past President: Treven Pickett, Psy.D., ABPP
Internal VACP Functions: Stephanie Eppinger, Ph.D.
External VACP Functions: vacant











INTERNAL VACP FUNCTIONS: Stephanie Eppinger, Ph.D.

Membership, Communications and Awards Todd Vance, Ph.D., Chair
Continuing Education & Program Thorayya Giovannelli, Psy.D., Chair
Finance Robert McNamara, Ph.D., Chair
Nominations & By-laws Treven Pickett, Psy.D., ABPP, Chair
  Members: 2 pending appointment per By-laws



Healthcare Benefits Jennifer Morgan, Psy.D., Chair
  Members:  J. D. Ball, Ph.D., ABPP, Vivian Begali, Ph.D., Kati Duncan, Psy.D., Jennifer Flaherty, Ph.D., Jennifer M. Morgan, Psy.D., Luanne Turrentine, Ph.D., Kathleen Wickham, Ph.D.
Legislative Affairs Norma Murdoch-Kitt, Ph.D., Chair
Professional Issues, Ethics and Regulatory Affairs Ed Tiller, Ph.D., Chair
  Members: Desideria Hacker, Ph.D., Alan McFarland, Ph.D., Jennifer M. Morgan, Ph.D., Ted Peck, Ph.D., Michael Stutts, Ph.D.
Political Action Committee

Heather Bruschwein, Psy.D., Chair


Andrea Miller, Ph.D., Assistance to Graduate Students Program, Chair
Mona Abuhamda, Psy.D., Diversity, Chair



Northern VA Laurentia Ruby, Ph.D.
Richmond Treven Pickett, Psy.D., ABPP
Tidewater Stephanie Eppinger, Ph.D.


4461 Cox Road, Suite 110
Glen Allen, VA  23060

Office: (804) 643-5614
Fax: (804) 643-0311
Email: [email protected]


Executive Director & Legislative Counsel

Bruce B. Keeney, Sr.

Associate Director & Legislative Counsel

Bo Keeney

Director, Member Services

Laura S. McHale

Director of Events

Sarah Keeney

Director, Financial Services

Mary-Taliaferro Keeney


To contact any committee member, you may either use the Find a Clinical Psychologist search on this website or contact the VACP office to get the appropriate contact information.

Voting members of the Board of Directors are the Officers and the two at-large Board members.

Regional Academy Presidents and Standing Committee Chairs are non-voting, but are invited to attend and participate at called meetings of the Board. One at-large member shall supervise and coordinate activities of Standing Committees under the Internal VACP Functions. The other at-large member shall supervise and coordinate activities of Standing Committees under the External VACP Functions. The Executive Director is an ex officio (non-voting) member of the Board of Directors.


If you would like to volunteer for a committee, please contact us.